From: Fr Dominic Howarth : 27 October 2017 17:11
To: Danbury

Subject: Walsingham House at Abbotswick


Dear Fr James / Fr Niall and Parishioners


Thank you for the magnificent donation of £750.61 towards the “Walsingham House at Abbotswick” Funding appeal.


The project is going well; after six weeks on site, the beauty of the old house at Abbotswick has been revealed as we strip out stud walls and other things that have been added in over the years. We are very hopeful that from January 2018 groups of young people, as well as adult parish groups who come for times of recollection or retreat, will enjoy a wonderful place that naturally lends itself to stillness, reflection, peace and prayer. The new chapel, being built next to the lawn where the stations of the cross can be prayed, should also be an excellent addition to Abbotswick, and will hopefully be enjoyed by thousands of people in the years ahead.


As I write to you, the late afternoon sunshine is wonderfully illuminating the autumn colours in the leaves of trees across the grounds. A fortnight ago there were four deer basking in Sunday afternoon sunshine towards the end of the garden. Robins, rabbits and badgers abound, as well as Muntjac deer that wander the grounds at night-time.


We are still accepting (and in need of) donations; www.bcys.net/abbotswick.


Once again, thank you, and every blessing for your work

Fr Dominic

Walsingham House at Abbotswick

Thank you