Liturgy of the Word For Children

The ladies who form the rotas at both churches are a dedicated group of volunteers who give generously of their time.  Each week the liturgy and resources are prepared and delivered so that the children of the parish may experience the liturgy at their level.  

          Volunteers at English Martyrs: Maria, Sarah, Matt, Suzy & Kate

          Volunteers at Holy Trinity: Vicky, Carmella, Andrew, Elaine and Liz  

What we do  

         The children go straight into the meeting room at either church as soon as they arrive; the liturgy begins as the mass commences.  

         The session then begins with: Sign of the cross,  

         We talk about something ‘good/helpful’ we have done that week, and maybe something we need to say sorry for (If the children are of an age where this is appropriate).

         The gospel is read, and questioning takes place at an appropriate level.

         A small activity is then set (colouring, acting, singing etc).

         Readers for a ‘mini-presentation’ to the congregation are chosen from volunteers.  Enthusiasm for this is high.

The children process from the back of the church after the offertory to deliver their message.

Fr Niall often converses with the children on what they have learnt at that session  

Our thanks go to Fr Niall for his encouragement, to the parents for bringing their children, to the congregation for listening attentively to our presentations and finally to the children themselves, without whom this would be an empty exercise.  

For more information please contact:

Maria Smith 01245 221691 for English Martyrs.  

Andrew, Elaine and Liz for Holy Trinity

Children at Mass