Parish Harvest Lunch

30th September 2012



Once again Jenny and Philip Tolhurst were kind enough to host a Parish meal in their Barn. This time it was a Harvest Lunch to celebrate the harvest and to say "thank you and goodbye" to Fr. Ivor. We had a good turnout and an excellent day was had by all.

The event began with Pauline Spratt reminding us all of just how much Fr. Ivor has done for us in the last 9 months. Since Fr Robert was taken ill last December we have been dependent on Fr. Ivor for Mass but he has also done so much more for us - and for Fr. Robert - than I think any of us expected. She then expressed our thanks to him for all he has done and presented him with a card and a cheque as a gift from the Parish community. Fr. Ivor seemed overwhelmed at our generosity and explained that he would use half of the money to buy something to remember us by and the other half he would split between his two favourite charities.

After saying grace, everyone went outside to enjoy a good lunch! There was plenty of food for everyone and the weather was kind to us - so many people chose to eat outside. At the same time the children enjoyed themselves with their version of tennis and croquet on the lawn

Throughout the whole event Jim Tidmarsh played a varied selection of music to suit everyone's tastes. After lunch, the Fairtrade raffle was drawn and Graham Tickle won a lovely hamper of Fairtrade 'goodies' which Elizabeth presented.

We would like to thank all those people who helped to make this another great success. The day raised £327.77 for the Church Development Fund.



Pauline thanks Fr Ivor for all he has done for out Parish snd presents him with a card and Cheque


Fr Ivor thanks every one for their generosity and tells us what he will do with the money. He then says a short grace and the lunch begins 


Everything ready and people come for their lunch


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The Weather was kind and many chost to eat outside...others preferred to be indoors


Jim plays appropriate music throughout the lunch which everyone enjoys...

Some children are so busy playing they donot have time to eat


The lunch finishes with the Fairtrade raffle being won by Graham