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Parish of The English Martyrs Catholic Church, Danbury

with Holy Trinity Church, South Woodham Ferrers



(Year A, Part 2) Page 67-69 for Scripture Readings - Psalter Week 1


 Parish Priest   

Fr. Niall Harrington       

01245 324138

Chairman of Parish Council       

Mr John Geary

01245 325311

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Head Teacher, Mrs Ginzler-Maher

01245 321828

Parish Admin/HT Diary/Gift Aid Co-Ordinator

Mrs Maria Smith           

01245 324138

Parish Email: danbury@dioceseofbrentwood.org  and/or danburyswf@aol.com

Parish Website: www.englishmartyrswithholytrinity.org.uk

Marriage Care (Professional, Confidential Counselling)

0800 389 3801

Steward of the Gospel                                                                                                              

Mrs Pauline Spratt

Parish Safety Officer    

Mr Pat McDonald and Mr Bernard Dayer  

01621 828758

Co-Ordinators for Liturgy of the Word for Children 

Mrs Maria Smith (English Martyrs)

01245 221691

Co-Ordinators for Liturgy of the Word for Children 

Mrs Vicky Hull (Holy Trinity)

01245 327638


The Liturgy of the Word

A reading from the Prophet Isaiah (55:6-9)

Responsorial Psalm (Psalm 144) “The Lord is close to all who call him”

A reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Philippians (1:20-24.27)

Gospel Acclamation

Alleluia, Alleluia! “Blessings on the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest heavens! Alleluia!

The Gospel of St. Matthew 20:1-16





On Sundays in Ordinary Time, the Old Testament illumines the Gospel: My thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways not your ways, says the Lord. Then Jesus’ parable presents the exact opposite of any reasonable employment contract, any respectable definition of ‘justice.’ Instead, how utterly prodigal God’s goodness toward us, how unmerited God’s gifts.


For Jesus’ parable challenges our usual definitions of success: to be healthy, wealthy, and wise; to acquire possessions, educational and professional accomplishments, athletic awards, other forms of achievement, status, prestige; to classify others as ‘better off,’ ‘worse off,’ ‘about the same.’ Such comparisons lead to arrogance or prompt envy, either reaction incompatible with membership in God’s kingdom. What ignited anger in the parable was the landowner making ‘latecomers’ equal to the ‘all-day crew.’


For us, the ‘latecomers’ may be non-practicing parishioners, non-believers, or notorious sinners welcomed back with ‘last rites’ at ‘the eleventh hour.’ Often, among ‘devout’ disciples, such miracles of grace prompt not thankful prayers but righteous (jealous?) indignation that those ‘last in’ should be treated as ‘equal to us.’ Like the prodigal son’s elder brother: ‘For years I have slaved for you!’? How different if we, like St. Paul, believed that ‘life is Christ.’ Our standing, - first, last - would be utterly irrelevant. To share life, to share Christ with any fellow-worker at whatever hour would be sheer joy. On the other hand, the parable proposes a secondary, salutary moral: The problem with eleventh-hour conversions is that Death sometimes arrives at 10:30!



 Pastoral Patterns, Copyright Publications and Decani Music


Question of the Week

How can I, this week, stop acting like a self-appointed judge of my own ‘latecomers’ and begin serving as a member of God’s ‘welcome committee,’ since, after all, God has welcomed even me?



SATURDAY 23 SEPTEMBER - St Pius of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)

9.00am             HM PRISON CHAPEL               Mass                Parishioners   

10.00am           HOLY TRINITY                         Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion Service

6.00pm             ENGLISH MARTYRS                Mass                Kathleen and James Bleackley, Rest in Peace (Family)



8.45am             HOLY TRINITY                         Mass                Sharon Docherty, Rest in Peace (Lynch)

10.45am           ENGLISH MARTYRS                Mass                Sharon Docherty, Rest in Peace (Philomena & Family)

5.30pm             HOLY TRINITY                         Mass                Letitia Frost, Rest in Peace (O’Connell)



9.40am             ENGLISH MARTYRS                Morning Prayer           

10.00am           ENGLISH MARTYRS                Mass                Thanksgiving (Spratt)



7.40am             HOLY TRINITY                         Morning Prayer

8.00am             HOLY TRINITY                         Mass                Thanksgiving (Tonna)



10.00am           HOLY TRINITY                         Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion Service

6.00pm             ENGLISH MARTYRS                Mass                Michelle Byrne, Rest in Peace (Stapleton)



8.45am             HOLY TRINITY                         Mass                Special Intentions Stephen Conney (Lynch)

10.45am           ENGLISH MARTYRS                Mass                Francis Quinn, Rest in Peace (Irene & Beronice)

5.30pm             HOLY TRINITY                         Mass                Sharon Docherty, Rest in Peace (Catling)


Parish News

Dates for your Diary

Walsingham House at Abbotswick Funding Appeal: Target £430,000 Each year, over 5,000 young people from our schools and parishes enjoy a retreat with the Walsingham House Team. In January 2018 this work is moving to Abbotswick, a beautiful house near Brentwood, set in 14 acres of grounds. In school holidays, Abbotswick will also continue to be used by parish groups seeking a time of retreat, resting with the Lord. However, Abbotswick is in need of a significant refurbishment, and we seek your help.  An appeal will be made this weekend. Please support it as generously as you can; in the words of Bishop Alan “This project builds a prayerful and inspiring future for the young people of the Diocese. Thank you.”

Padre Pio Prayer Group – next meeting, Monday 9 October, 7.30pm at Holy Trinity Church.  All welcome.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place in English Martyrs Catholic Church on the first Saturday of every month from 10am to 11am.  The next date for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in English Martyrs will be on Saturday, 7 October.  This will be preceded by Morning Prayer at 9.40am.  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place in Holy Trinity Church on Saturday 21 October at 10.30am to 11.30am. 

Catholic Meditation Group   Thursday,  28 September at 7.15pm – 7.45pm in Holy Trinity Church and every Thursday evening at the same time. 

Parish Council – next meeting 9 October in the conservatory at English Martyrs Catholic Church.

Parish Council Annual General Meeting - Monday 13 November at 8pm in St. Joseph’s Catholic School Hall.


Prayer Team

This week we pray for all priests moving to a new parish in the Diocese


We welcome Fr. James McShane as our new Parish Priest.  May his time in the parish be a happy and joyful time for him.  Please keep Fr. James in your prayers


Dear Parishioners


I would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye.  My time in Danbury and South Woodham Ferrers Parish has gone by so quickly.  It only seems like yesterday that I was preparing for my first Christmas in the parish.  The five years spent among you have flown by.  I wish to thank you all for your goodness and kindness to me over the past five years.  It is a blessing to me and I will remember it with great fondness. 


I realise by selecting some parishioners may not be good practice but I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Mrs Ginzler-Maher, Headteacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and all the community there for the wonderful work that they do year in, year out. 


I also wish to thank Steve Gallagher for his dedicated and conscientious care of parish finance. 


John Geary has been real godsend in his role as Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council, care of the presbytery and great work in Holy Trinity Church over the last five years. John’s time management of parish pastoral council meetings is an example to all those managing meetings.


Finally, but not lastly (the last shall be first), I want to extend the greatest thank you to Maria Smith, the parish administrator.  She started in this parish in difficult times with the illness of Fr. Robert Mortimer-Anderson and oversaw everything in a most wonderful way.  Maria’s wonderful approach to people and overseeing administration of the parish with a light touch and a sense of fun meant that she did all the work and I got all the credit. 


Fr. James McShane arrives midday on Wednesday.  I would ask that you give Fr. James a great welcome and support him in every way in his role as Parish Priest.


Please be assured of a remembrance in my Morning Prayer each day  and I will keep you all close to God in prayer.  


Prayers and Blessings

Fr. Niall


 Prayer List

We pray for all our friends and their families, including: Carmel Dooley, Linda Ryan, Ann De Boise, Penelope Middelboe, Brida Posluszny, Peter Manikam, Helen, Catherine (at D), Sheila Hughes, Ann (V), Bill Thomas(Kath), Heather and Vic Jones, Andrew Crane, Jack Morgan(Susan’s Dad), Sheila McDonald, Frank Sherry, Laila Hunt, Karen Duliue, Betty Fitzsimmons (D), Billie James (CNH), Patricia (D), Johnson Family, Nula Jones (St.J), Henri Chartier(St.J), Ada Gattone (Rocco), Kath Luton, Matthew (aged 8 years), Brída Rice, Kathryn (Catherine), Teresa Such (Nina), Melissa Turner (Lesley), Renée and Trinity, Rita Amendah (Hanou), Kevin Newill(Jacqui), Philomena T, Doreen Amos (Sheila), Peter (Joseph), Barbara Szczepankowska(Grazyna), Marlene (Sophia), Kathryn Regan, Maureen Porter (Mark), Samuel John Weston (Michael), O’Neill Family (McStay), Neil and Sheena Allan, Helen Holloway (Orsi), Street family, Aisling (Deborah), Rose Mihlenstedt, Alan Patchell, Val, Bridget Canney(Christine), Alfred (Ray), Dorothy Dawson (Mike), Kitty O’Dell(Maureen), Lilian Southey (NZ), Andrew Wilson (Scully), Mary Grace(Webster), Mary Canney (Christina), Joseph Singh, Daphne Taylor(Windle), Rev. Fr. Max Pereira (Doyle), Sister Patricia Mahon (Doyle), Antonipillai Christian, Raphiel Francis, Jaccoval Francis (Sinthu and Ronald), Patricia and Michael Bincalar, Robert Weston(Michael), Gladys Thomson (Francesca), Robin Ho (Lo), Mary Dodd, Elena Golebiowski (Christina), Failey O’Connor (Noctor), Kim and Alfie and the Bateman family, Ebuka Ezike (age 13, Banwo), Duncan Family (David EW), Anne Eberle (Trish), Jimmy Byrnes (Maria), Catherine Goldfain (Merryl), Chris Galise (Ted), Carol Bayliss (Maria Mc), Rosie Day (age 3  - Collins), Carmel Rafferty (Sherry), Les, Michael Gaffney,  Emily Wheeler (Collins), TeresaBird, Ann Velati, Mary Patricia Parry (Meg), Fr. Bertie Moore (David), Edward Wright (Jacqui), Owen Stafford (Condon), Maria Parkin (Mia), Sarah Van Stolk (Len), Noel Johnston, Joan Troy (Eastham), Carol Riley (Pauline S), Kia, George, Samuel and Evan (M), Jane Neely (Toni King), Philomena Hayden(Maria), Reverend Carol Ball, Yvonne Bailey (Ted), Lynne Hayward(Pauline), Elisabeth Bourn.


Centenary Celebration Events

Saturday 28 October: Centenary Music Concert in Brentwood Cathedral, 7pm




Parish Newsletter

24th September 2017